FrankenFuji! Kroger’s Massive Apples

Jul 5, 2015 |


massive Kroger apples

some massive apples from Kroger. Only $1.59, but that will pay for only one of these massive beasts! I checked one and it weighed in at over 1/2 pound!!


I saw the biggest apples ever today.  I’ve done a lot of the grocery shopping for my family over the past 7 years or so.  These apples were so big that I couldn’t help but gawk!  I decided to take a picture, but that doesn’t get across the scale of these monsters, so I grabbed one of the bigger ones and put it on the scale….and it weighed in at nearly 9 ounces–that’s over 1/2 pound!

Why do grocers continue to sell larger & larger produce?  They sell by the pound, so larger produce increases a stores revenue directly

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