Fraudfegnugen!! VW is in hot water

Sep 21, 2015 |

VW has been selling their low emission diesel cars like crazy to buyers who see these vehicles as a way to reduce the impact of their driving on our atmosphere.

Now comes word that VW has been gaming the emissions testing system.  What is alleged is that their diesel vehicles reduce emissions in test conditions, but revert to higher emissions for day-to-day use.

CNN is reporting that there are over 500,000 vehicles involved.  NPR is saying that, based on US EPA regulations, VW could be liable for up to 18 billion dollars in fines as a result.

Manufacturing cars is not easy, so I would be sympathetic to an organization that made a mistake.  However, what is being alleged is that VW designed this behavior into its vehicles for the express purpose of cheating on emissions tests.

If the allegations are true, VW has cheated its customers, the US government and everyone with a pair of lungs here in the US.

If the allegations are true, certainly I think levying a fine on the VW organization is appropriate…but that’s not enough.  In this case, I think the US should shut down all VW diesel sales for 2 years.

I think that  would help focus VW management on the egregious nature of their…


10/30/2015:  It now turns out that VW has admitted to the chicanery.  As I’ve thought more about how to ‘punish’ VW for an incredible act of dishonesty, I have decided that I wouldn’t want to see the meany VW employees here in the states punished for the act of a few in engineering or management.

So, my new thinking is that the US should fine away all of the profits VW has made from US sales for the past 5 years, and for their expected profits for the next 5 years.  My thinking is that VW owners/stockholders get no benefit for 10 years of sales, but the plants stay open and running.

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