Campbell’s Soup Rocks My World

Jan 9, 2016 |

Agribusiness and food manufacturers have decided that GMO foods are 100% safe, so they seem to feel that us consumers don’t need to concern themselves with the issue.   And just so consumes won’t worry their pretty little heads about it, these thoughtful business groups are spending millions fighting proposed GMO labeling legislation.  Thoughtful, no?

I don’t think we know yet whether GMO foods are safe, and I want to know if the foods I’m consuming contain GMOs.  Any organization fighting GMO labeling is making it clear they do not respect the US consumer.  

One major food company has just bucked this trend:  Campbells Soup has announced that they are going start GMO labeling on their products, according to USA Today.  Those who appreciate companies who seem to really value their customers should probably stock up on Campbell’s soup.  

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