Why You Need a New Mouse

Feb 22, 2016 |

I now own three of these Logitech Wireless # 510 mice.  Wired mice now make me nuts, so I have to have wireless.

But what makes this mouse so special?

  • Installation is a breeze…a small USB dongle is provided with each mouse, and you can plug it in and it just works.
  • This mouse works great on Macs and on Windows (I use both).
  • This mouse works great even if you don’t install a driver.
  • This mouse works great on nearly any surface.   Turns out it has a special ‘dark’ laser.
  • This mouse has a great feel, and a perfect ‘heft.’

And the final reason you need this mouse:  you get the freedom of a wireless mouse, and all of the above benefits and you get outrageous battery life.

I’m not sure how the geniuses at Logitech did it, but these mice run forever on 2 AA batteries.

So if you’re still trying to wrangle a wired mouse, do yourself a favor and get one of these!

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