OS X: Turning Off Inline Mail Attachments

May 28, 2016 |

In the world of the Macintosh, when you send an image or a pdf document via email, you get a preview of the attachment in the new email body:

OSX mail image previewIf you aren’t used to this, it can be quite disorienting…it’s difficult to find a place to enter text into your email body.  But there’s a fix that works on my current version of OSX: El Capitain (10.11), and it comes from the good people at macobserver.com:

Just paste the following command into a terminal session and hit enter:

defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool NO

Now when you want to send an attachment, you get an icon not a preview:

OSx Mail App without Auto Preview

This is a great improvement for my money!

Just in case you ever want to go back to the original behavior, just change the ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ in the above command and run the command in another terminal session.

Source: OS X: Turning Off Inline Mail Attachments – The Mac Observer

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